Organising Committees

APNME Overall Conference and Programme Committee

The APNME is managed by an elected Committee, which at present comprises:

Meiyao WU – Chair
Maosen LI – Deputy-Chair
Qian ZHANG – Secretary
Mei-Yee WONG – Treasurer
Jiyoung CHOI
Shaogang YANG
Yasunari HAYASHI
Jianjin LIU
Maria Riza L. BONDAL
Hongyan CHENG
Adsina Fibra IBRAHIM

Abstract Reviewers
Shaogang YANG
Jianjin LIU

Local Organising Committee and Secretariat

Der-Long FAN, Kaohsiung Normal University (Chairperson of the local committee)
Meiyao WU, Kaohsiung Normal University
Wan-Ting, CHIU, Kaohsiung Normal University
Yan-Yu SHY, Kaohsiung Normal University
Two other Ph.D. Students (whose names will appear later.)

Finance and Management Committee

Monica TAYLOR, Honorary President of the APNME
Mei-Yee WONG,Treasurer of the APNME
Meiyao WU, Chair of the APNME
Qian-ZHANG, Secretary of the APNME

Photos Sources

  • Art Designers: Shu-Hui YANG, Yun-Ting CHEN
  • The Header Image’s photo entitled “The Sunrise at Dragon-Tiger Tower” is from: Mr. Yi-Liang LAI
  • Three photos on the webpage of Kaohsiung Home are from: The Tourism Bureau of Kaohsiung City, the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan and its photographers include: Nai-Rong CHEN,  Jheng-Wei CHEN.