Welcome to the website of the 12th annual APNME international conference on moral education, to be held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan from 26-30 April 2018!


Dear 2018 APNME Conference Participants:

On behalf of the APNME Committee, I sincerely welcome you to the 12th Annual APNME conference in Kaohsiung. We have prepared an exciting program, and we do hope that you can enjoy the plenary and panel sessions as well as at least some of outside activities we have arranged.

Kaohsiung is a beautiful ocean city, and our conference venue is located near the city’s Lotus Pond. If you find you have some leisure time during the conference, perhaps after dinner, you might want to take a walk around this pond, which may be seen as representing Taiwan’s culture and lifestyle. Or if you find the time to visit Kaohsiung city at night, the Love River has a rather different, more modern atmosphere, and it is also very pleasant to walk along it. You are also welcome to visit our webpage, check out the information about the city and its surroundings, and perhaps even go on one or two of the suggested tours.

Our 2018 APNME conference program offers a wide range of sessions. The topics include moral education in schools, research ethics, civic education and our contemporary society, ethics in the Eastern and Western traditions, economics and ethics, vocational ethics, medical and caring ethics, crucial ethical issues in our highly technologized era, moral development and psychology, school bullying and moral education, comparative cultural studies, aesthetics and music education, and moral education curricula. We do hope that you will attend sessions which you find intellectually exciting, and will engage in some very fruitful interactions with the presenters as well as with others attending this conference.

The APNME, whose members have diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, attempts to provide a platform for interdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue. We sincerely invite you to join us as a member of this organization, and we are sure you will enjoy the time you spend at the conference and in Kaohsiung!


Meiyao WU
Chairperson, The Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education